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Down To Earth : Another Csr Program By Down To Earth - Muhandis

Down To Earth : Another Csr Program By

Down To Earth : Another CSR Program by Muhandis of UTP in collaboration with PRIBUMI

Down To Earth, or more famous for its term ‘DTE’, is a project under Islamic Studies (FAH0013) targeting all of the foundation students studying in the University Technology of Petronas. Its righteous aim is to build and nourish the students in terms of humbleness towards the society, besides having their characters to be well-developed throughout the whole entire programme.

In making sure that this project would be a successful one, all of the Chemical Engineering 2 Group 1 students, or better known as ‘Muhandis’, had whole-heartedly agreed on participating in the project organised by Projek Ihsan, which is to help out the students of the tuition centre in improving the quality of their education as our main agenda. We have carefully planned out a series of beneficial activities that will surely give out positive outcomes for both sides of the parties, in which is believed as hitting our goals in this particular project.

The journey of Muhandis in helping out the students of the tuition centre is not limited to just having activities and such on the day of programme. The team had come out with the idea of conducting a campaign on book donation which will include participants from all over the campus of our university. The books collected will then be handed over to the students of ‘Pusat Tuisyen Sayang’ on the day of programme for them to use and get boundless of benefits from in the long run.

Along with 34 students, our Islamic Studies lecturer cum advisor, Sir Oummar Nor Aman bin Othman, will also be accompanying us to the programme to monitor the whole project. This will ensure that our programme will run smoothly and surely, without having any hiccups along the way.

Being a part of our project, Persatuan Remisier Bumiputra Malaysia (PRIBUMI) has also agreed to join forces with Muhandis in making sure that the journey of our programme is completely successful. With its sole movement as a non-profit organization to represent the interest of the dealer’s representatives (DR) nationwide including Sabah and Sarawak, PRIBUMI has agreed on becoming our main sponsor for this profound agenda of ours.

We hope that through this project will our objectives and aims be a complete success, in terms of ourselves being better individuals, as well as us leaving positive marks on both the children and the library. However, the most vital hope that keeps us going is that to make sure that this programme will not just be beneficial today, but in the long run as well; for the betterment of ummah – Kids for Ummah!

Visit DTE Page on Fb : https://www.facebook.com/DTEMuhandis/

Go to DTE Event : https://www.facebook.com/events/1999337030299719/permalink/1999397650293657/ OBJECTIVES OF DTE

• To bring out the humbleness of each individual in our team.
• Exposing us students to the society who are not living in their comfort zones in order for us to be able to be more understanding and appreciative of our current lives.
• Enabling our students to develop their soft skills especially in terms of their communication skills with other parties.
• Strengthening the bond and creating unity amongst our team members through meetings and discussions to ensure the whole project runs smoothly.
• To instil the feeling of responsibility in ourselves by assigning important roles for each team member.
• Making sure that our teamwork capabilities are always prioritised.
• Bringing out awareness amongst the society in terms of helping out and lending a hand towards those of the less fortunate.
• Proving that help can be done in a plethora of ways, both directly and indirectly.

Down To Earth - Muhandis

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